Breanna Bill

The Breanna Bill is a bill we are pushing to get passed that makes it a protective law for pregnant mothers.

  1. During Layoffs
    1. No expecting mother can be laid off at all once she becomes pregnant. This extends beyond the ruling of the DOL WB based on pregnancy.
    2.  If the mother was targeted for layoff pending her department or justified company cutbacks, then the mother will be kept on extending to her allocated pregnancy leave or time allotted by the EEOC and DOL WB.
  2. Exception
    1. The Breanna Bill does not in any way give the woman a free means of lessoning her normal work means beyond the DOL WB.
      1. If the mother breaks her normal company policies for employment such as tardiness, unexcused absence, misconduct, etc.. the mother has broken the contract and ruling of the Breanna Bill and is no longer covered. The mother must stay in good standing with the company and understand that this is no means a guaranteed job security privilege after violating company rules and policies.
    For addition items of consideration, please contact us. The Breanna Bill is currently being reviewed and revised.